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Custom Design & Print

- Our designers will create a full custom design with anything you require, just send us your ideas, drawings or a detailed brief of what design you would like.

We will create your own bespoke fabric that will be entirely exclusive to you.

We also keep your designs saved on our secure servers so all it takes is one email or phone call to order the same design again without the one-off artwork fee. (See fabric prices here)
  • Digital fabric printing with fast turnaround
  • Minimum order 1 metre
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Wide range of digital printing textiles
  • Digital fabric printing up to 59" wide*
  • Permanent print for design and furnishings
  • Will not run or fade
  • Print is fused deeply into textile fibres
  • Mulitple metres will be cut as one piece
  • No technical jargon - just simple and friendly
  • 12 beautiful fabrics to choose from
  • Seamless pattern designs or full repeating 1 metre prints
  • One-off artwork fee

*Fabric width varies

All from just £20

Please call us and talk to our friendly staff to enquire about our custom design and print services:

01535 608845

or if you dont feel like talking to our friendly staff, e-mail us at:

(or just click here to go to our contact page)


Custom Design & Print Service Process

Step 1: You let us know your design requirement(s) and required fabric (samples available)

Step 2: We will confirm your design requirement(s)

Step 3: You pay artworking fee (From only £20)

Step 4: Design process begins

Step 5: You confirm the design(s) for print

Step 6: Print

Step 7: Delivery

Example below:

'Black & white leopard print with grey spots with minimalistic red poppies covering the entire fabric'

All custom fabric will be designed so that it can repeat into multiple metres.


Previous custom design and print projects: