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View our publications and work we have designed and printed.

L&S Prints has been published on a range of different websites, magazines and newspapers.

Here are a few examples:

Top Left - Published in R-Magazine for our valentines love birds cushion

Bottom Left - Published in Living Edge Magazine for our Snug as a Pug in a Rug cushion

Top Right - Published on So Darling! website for our Cat Face Cushion

We have also been featured on a number of television shows.

These sweetie chairs & cushions were featured on a new childrens home make over show called Hip neu Sgip on S4/C.

Left - We found our London Pop Art cushion on Eastenders in the 'Queen Vic' aired on 27th Feb 2014.

Below - We also found that our Cartoon Reindeer and Merry Christmas Grandad cushions had been used on the Mrs Browns Boys Christmas special which attracted 9.4 million viewers!

Specialised Car Covers created this amazing car cover to showcase it at a special track day for ferraris.

All day people were walking past thinking it was just the car but in fact it was a print done by L&S Prints of the same ferrari, have a look below to see how effective it was.

Another Specialised Car Covers project.

This one is for a reveal of a brand new Bentley touring car at the British Car Show.

This cover was printed on liquid satin to give a silk look.

This cover was also shown on Top Gear UK.

Click here to see the video.

One of our newest projects and companies we are working with are Platinum Executive.

They transport high profile individuals, their families and associates all over the world with comfort and quality being the priority.

Platinum came to us to arrange a design for comfort products such as cushions and throws. We also made custom head rest covers to enforce Platinums brand.

We also worked with Platinum to arrange a personal touch for the footballer Steven Gerrard (See picture on the left) and custom football shirt cushions for the Bradford City team.

L&S Prints were featured on Branshaw Golf Clubs Grand Charity Golf Tournament.

We printed 18 golf hole flags each with their own sponsor. We sponsored the 18th hole.

All the banners in The New Variety Club, Keighley were printed by us and were featured on ITV's Calender when they were interviewing Mike Peters from the band The Alarm.

Bradford City corner flags; designed and printed by L&S Prints

Huge Leeds United/Gary Speed memorial banner - measured 6 metres


Black & White Union Jack cushions for an avid Rangers fan with all the players names.

Please contact us if you require large format fabric printing
like the banners above.

Article from 'Keighley News'

'L&S Prints Digital Ltd has transformed a room at its West Lane premises with a moving montage depicting conflicts spanning the 20th century.

The first and second world wars, and Falklands and Afghanistan conflicts, all feature.

Included in the poppy-surrounded 10ft-tall banners are images of soldiers and aircraft, prime ministers and famous quotes.

"People see the display when they come in and it's very visually striking, a lot of people comment on it.

"It also vividly shows to potential customers what we can do."

The fabric printing company produces a massive range of products, and has a diverse client base.'


One of our Hunt and Moscrop heat transfer printing machines (made in Manchester and built to last)