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Your Designs

We are to proud to have worked with a vast range of different customers and businesses to provide a high quality and always friendly service.

We print 1000's of metres of fabric every week for a range of different uses and customers.

Whether you’re re-vitalising an old sofa or making a waterproof wash bag, our Polyester based fabrics are thoroughly tested to ensure they can stand up to the toughest tests.

If you've never printed anything before or you are a design and print wizard, our guide below will show you the processes involved in digital print.


Before we get started, please be aware that our fabric widths do vary.

Although there are no drastic width changes, please click here to view our fabrics and their widths.

We print 1 metre at:  150cm* x 102cm (59”* x 40”)

A continuous 4 metre print would be:  150cm* x 408cm (59”*x 160”)

If you already have a design in mind but it’s smaller than a metre, we also have state of the art ‘Step & Repeat’ software so we can print
your designs in numerous repeat options.


Our high quality digital printers and water based sublimation inks are very sensitive and often print saturated colours and true blacks darker than you might expect.

You may need to test different saturation/output levels or modify your design to be slightly lighter.
    Your chosen colours might "shift" to colours you weren't expecting due to fabrics having different white points and thread consistency.
Colours can vary from what you see on your screen, and vary from fabric to fabric, so if you need your colours to be exactly how you see on screen we recommend purchasing a CMYK colour chart from below, ordering samples of certain designs or a sample pack.


Our state of the art design and print software can handle a range of different
formats and resolutions.*

‘Tiff’s’ are our favourite but any of the formats below are perfectly fine.

For best quality prints, please use a resolution of 300DPI or higher. Lower DPI files are also fine but please purchase a sample print if you are conscious of quality.

We will not edit or change artwork unless already agreed upon. We try our best to spot potential errors in artwork, but cannot be held responsible if any do arise.

*Please be aware colours can vary slightly from format to format.

Sometimes large files with high DPI’s can be a bit of a logistics problem.

Artwork sent to our email address ( can be no larger than 10mb. If artwork is larger than 10mb your email will bounce back and we will not receive it.

For files larger than 10mb, we have unlimited cloud storage via Dropbox. We just need your email address and will send you an invite to your personal cloud based folder. You can also collaborate with your friends by inviting them in. We will also keep your files safe for upto 1 year of inactivity so you can easily order the same or new files in the future.

Using your own cloud storage is fine too, just send us an invite to

If your files are too large to upload to cloud based storage, you could send us a USB stick/drive and we will send it back with your order.


The next step is down to us.

Once your order and artwork is confirmed and processed, we will proceed with the print.

We aim to print, cut, pack and send your fabric out within 7 days*. Most parcels are sent
using Royal Mail First Class although for special or express orders we use a fast and reliable overnight courier service.

We can also ship all over the world, please get in contact to confirm shipping to your location.

*We will dispatch within 7 days but we take no responsibility for post/courier delays/faults.